About Pace

What is Pace Magazine?

First published in January 2012 and based in Greenville,
South Carolina, Pace Magazine is a print publication
distributed throughout the Carolinas and beyond. This
year (2022), Pace Magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Our mission is to encourage healthy lifestyles, personal
goal setting, the camaraderie amongst athletes (beginner
through elite), volunteering, supporting local businesses,
and promoting races and events. Our motto is
Run • Walk • Play!

Pace Magazine is a 48 page, full-color print magazine and
is free to the public. Pace Magazine features articles from
renowned professionals in fitness and health, nutrition,
physiotherapy, and spirituality. Pace also highlights entertaining
and inspirational real-life stories of individuals
and local athletes in our community. Additionally,
we explore the brainy and comical side with “BONKers!”
“Change Of Pace”, and “It’s All Mental” departments. Pace
continues to be the number one resource for events and
races in the “Lace ’em Up” calendar section.

Pace Magazine
P.O. Box 31103
Greenville, SC 29608

email us: pacemagazine.contact@gmail.com

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