Cookie Cutter Runner

  • Bake runner shaped cookies!
  • Gingerbread cookie recipe included.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Original design. Custom made for Pace.
  • The perfect gift for the runner in your life.
  • Race Directors: Great for age group awards!
  • Dimensions:  2 1/4″ wide x 3 1/4″ high
  • Shipping included! Sorry, no overseas orders accepted.


Order via PayPal & save when buying more than 1:

Qty 1: $12

Qty 2: $22

Qty 3: $32


4 thoughts on “Cookie Cutter Runner”

  1. Could you give me the dimensions for the runner cookie cutter? I am considering baking cookies for a run/walk event and will be packaging cookies,

    1. Hi! Thanks for your question! The Cookie Cutter Runners are 2 1/4″ wide x 3 1/4″ high. If you have any more questions, let us know.

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